fair is the world now autumn’s wearing

i’m quite tired at the moment – i’ve reached the middle of the second week of school, in which i must battle fatigue on top of piling work.  what did i do with myself during the summer with all of those extra hours?

the weather is getting slightly cooler, but i think that it’s the perfect temperature.  cold enough to have to bring a jacket but not always wear it.


i felt quite scholarly in my mom’s old blazor.  i sort of want to wear it to school every day to feel all academically spiffy.


dress, forever 21 | socks, h&m | shoes, urban outfitters | headband, top shop | blazor (above), my mom’s old closet


and this is what i wore today.


everything looks better with a nice lace top underneath.  everything.  victorian is coming back.


i love this cameo ring from urban outfitters.


dress, ring, urban outfitters | heels, aerosoles | top, express | necklace, so good | belt, my mom’s old closet | blazor (above), kimchi & blue


2 thoughts on “fair is the world now autumn’s wearing

  1. I know what you mean about summer….what did we do!?!?? Hahahaha, I miss it now! Good luck with school! I love your dresses~ They are so refreshing to look at!

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