in training for a heroine

yesterday i had the delightful honour of being a guest at a meeting for the jane austen society of north america (jasna) massachusetts region!  the theme was ‘the power of place in austen’s life and works.’  i find it ironic that both of the literary conferences that i have attended have focused on place (the other being ‘place and space in children’s literature’).  this was quite different though, as there are no fairylands in jane austen (at least not explicitly).

the conference was hosted in a lovely english tudor estate called the henderson house.  i was pleased to see that the interior is just as lovely as its exterior.  i want to live in a house like that.

at conferences like these (as in, the two conferences that i have attended :)), i enjoy the speakers of course, but possibly even more than that i love to absorb the reactions of the audience.  whether it is a collective chuckle in anticipation of a famous quotation or a longing sigh at the sight of a picturesque image, the people in the room are united by a common love of literature, and a love for austen.


i love this cosy little room and especially the book cases by the fire.  add books to any elegant room and although simplistic in style, the room is transformed into mystery and adventure.


there were paneled paintings on many of the walls.  i wish people still put so much effort into handmade wall decor.


this is the fountain outdoors by the front entrance.  you can see the hanging lamp and curved archways too.  everything is so intricate.


two staircases are better than one!


finally, the exterior of the house, with all of its charm.

the conference was also the perfect occasion to debut my new dress!


dress, charlotte russe | necklaces, aldo accessories | tights, hue | shoes, aerosoles


i was having a bit of difficulty with the self-timer, and i could only get my shoes in by cutting off the top of my head.


like this, too.


One thought on “in training for a heroine

  1. It was indeed a lovely day and an exquisite location. It was a pleasure to meet you, and thanks for the comment on my blog. Favor returned, and now I’m following you! Love the fashion diary, BTW. I know a certain 8 year old who will too :)

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