birthday surprises

yesterday morning i took the act, and when i got home my family surprised me with a mini birthday celebration!  my birthday was in july, but we were on holiday and didn’t celebrate properly.


my mom and sister made pink frosted cupcakes and put them on a lovely display.


they made a small cake with the leftover batter.


i got some belated birthday gifts, wrapped in pretty paper!


my mom got me the boxed set of the ‘sense and sensibility’ dvd (the wonderful emma thompson version with alan rickman as colonel brandon) and a copy of the book.


julia had picked out this pink hairband from a korean store in virginia.

and now for my outfit…


shirt, anthropologie | shoes, converse | jeans, old navy


i bought the jeans when i just moved to the area to enter school five years ago.  they still fit. they have naturally faded over the years; when i first bought them they were the same colour as they are at the bottom throughout.


the converse shoes are from when i was eleven years old.  i had to get them because for a play i was in, you’re a good man charlie brown (i was lucy).  at the time it was really hard to find converses.  we had to try many different stores.  shortly afterward they became really popular and now it’s impossible to go into a generic shoe store and not find them.


the shirt, however, is completely new!


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