open up the dirty window

today was the first day of school!  i had a lovely day with triple english (shakespeare and double journalism) and lots of heavy books.  my english teacher let me keep the class penguin for the summer, and i am disappointed to say that i forgot to bring to school today.  on the ride home, i wondered where i had put him.  i find it ironic that he was sitting on top of my shakespeare books on my windowsill all the while.



his name is pericles, by the way, after the prince of tyre :)

today i wore my new dress from h&m.  i was slightly put down by the fact that two other girls were wearing the same one!  fortunately theirs were blue and mine pink, and i became especially pleased that my knee socks sparked a bit of originality.  anyway, great minds think alike, i suppose.


dress, knee socks, h&m | watch necklace, aldo accessories | hair bow, details


i look slightly annoyed in this picture, probably because my camera kept falling over when i was using the self-timer.  also, i’m carrying ‘the fountainhead’ because a. it’s the book i’m reading at the moment and i like it a lot, and b. because it has quite a pretty cover and the colours matched well together :)


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