the play’s the thing

hello!  i’ve been waiting to post for ages but our internet has been down for the past couple of days, so this morning i decided to bike to the library with my computer (heavier than i thought…) to use their wireless.  it seems that whenever i am incapable of posting i come up with more ideas of what to write than ever.

on friday my mom took me to lenox to see twelfth night and hamlet by shakespeare & co. as a late birthday gift :) both productions were amazing.  i want to return there to do some training.


this is the founders theatre, where i saw both plays.  it’s a lovely stage with bench seating.  the lobby has merchandise and a little cafe, and as you can see they welcome picnicking outdoors.  i have to return one day with a picnic lunchbox!

i’m wearing my new floral dress from h&m with a necklace and stockings from urban outfitters, and my brown heels that are from i-forget-where-exactly, some shoe place at the outlet mall.  also, a silver hairband from nordstroms.


this is the rose footprint where they do some outdoor theatre.  both of my plays were inside though.  good thing, as it was raining.  although what’s shakespeare without a rainy outdoor stage? (that’s my shout out to thee, shady).


we had dinner in between shows at a lovely cafe down the road.  they had tasty cupcakes, which we took to go.  i ate mine at intermission.  moose is in all these pictures.  he came with me.  hello, moose :)


these are the programs from the plays.  tina packer, aka goddess of shakespeare who started this company, played gertrude in hamlet, and it was magical to see her perform live.

in the above photo is also my new bedspread, from target.  i love it, even though it doesn’t really match the rest of my room.


3 thoughts on “the play’s the thing

  1. i adore your dress, you look lovely :)

    for world lit i’m reading euripides, moliere, beloved, xala, and other foreign poems and such. it’s pretty cool so far :D

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