It’s the Climb

Hello, I’m still alive!  I just got back from holiday in Australia, so for my first post back I’d like to do an Aussie-themed post.  (And for the record, I don’t actually like that song, but I don’t mind Miley Cyrus as much as I used to).

How to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb in Style

Should I do the climb? If you’re in Sydney anyway, you might as well.  It’s one of those ‘things to do.’  That’s the only reason to do it though, I think, because although the view is pretty, you can get it from so many other places.  I was fortunate to have a breathtaking Sydney Harbour view from my hotel room that included the bridge and the Opera House, and I went to a high rise restaurant for lunch with a view of practically the entire city, but one of the best views was from the Taronga Zoo across the harbour.  It’s also not worth doing for the thrill because frankly, it’s not that thrilling.  It’s more of a bridge ‘walk’ than a ‘climb.’  I actually found walking across San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge more scary than doing the Bridge Climb in Australia.  You’re just so far away from traffic, the walkways are wide and spacious, and you are strapped to the railing the whole way.  It’s so safe that you really feel secure.  So if you’re scared of heights, don’t be scared of climbing the bridge.  The ‘climbing’ part was just climbing some ladders, and this bit was mostly indoors anyway.

When should I do the Climb? My time was in the afternoon, which was unpleasant because we were taking photos right when the sun was in our eyes.  If this is the case for you, wear sunglasses in pictures instead of squinting.  My sister also advises to look slightly below the camera if it’s in the sun, not straight at it.  If you can get it, I’ve heard that the last climb is beautiful because you can watch the sun setting while you’re on the Bridge.  The tricky thing about the Climb is that they do it in all weather, and once you’re booked you can’t get refunded if you back out.

What should I wear under the jumpsuit? The Bridge Climb provides you with lovely grey jumpsuits to wear all the way through.  Just wear something comfortable underneath and you can slip them on over.  I wore black leggings and a tee and I was fine – whatever is comfortable for you.  I felt comfortable with leggings as opposed to jeans or shorts just because it was more flexible to move in them and i had enough weight to carry on my waist because of the belt they give you (with a radio, belay device, etc).

Will I get cold? Don’t worry about staying warm because they give you a fleece. I recommend wearing the fleece even if you’re not freezing because it does block the wind, so you feel more comfortable.  It’s also easier to carry if you’re wearing it than if you have it hanging from your belt.  If you’re too hot to wear it (which is probably not the case as it’s pretty windy up there), at least put it on for photos; it looks much less goofy than the suits.  They’re also really comfy – my sister wanted to buy one, but they don’t sell them in the gift shop.  They also give you the option of wearing gloves and a hat, which they provide.  They didn’t suggest the gloves to our group because it was relatively warm out, so none of us wore them.  They give you a choice between a knit cap and a baseball hat.  I chose the baseball hat because of the sun, but the group leader wore the cap and looked much more comfortable.  The knit hat looks better than the baseball hat too, and will keep your hair in place (It gets really windy, which is more annoying than painful).

What else should I bring? If you wear glasses, like me, opt for contacts for this one, as all glasses must be strapped in and it gets uncomfortable.  Do bring sunglasses in case it gets sunny.  They give you the option of wearing a baseball cap, but I would recommend against that.  It was uncomfortable to wear with the headsets they give you, and I had to keep adjusting it.  I eventually took it off, and that worked much better, so as stated above, I would recommend the knit cap.  I have really sensitive eyes and didn’t bring sunglasses, but I was still okay without the baseball hat.  Do bring comfortable walking shoes, or borrow the trainers they provide (which are plain black).  I wore my running shoes because they were the only trainers I had with me, and I felt like a doofus (because those clonky shoes make me feel like a doofus whenever I wear them, let alone when paired with a grey jumpsuit).  A girl in my group had lovely floral trainers, and i was quite envious of her.  Sunscreen well before going outside, paying attention to your face, neck, and hands (my hands got suntanned when I was biking in San Francisco, so just putting that out there) becuase everything else will be covered by your suit.  I recommend Lush’s UltraLight in addition to sunscreen.  It’s really good for wind and has SPF aslo.

What should I buy at the gift store? If you want, you can purchase photos from your climb.  They take several of you while you’re on the bridge and you have several options.  With any purchase they give you a link to view your photos online.  As for the rest of the store, it’s surprisingly stylish.  I got a elbow-length tee with a wide v-neck that I used as a cover-up top.  They also sell stuffed animals wearing the jumpsuits which are kind of cute.  My sister got the key ring version.

I’ll try to get pictures of the Climb and my trip in general as soon as I can!  Cheers!


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