thin love ain’t love at all

As I am supposed to be cramming for my last two APs, preparing for my upcoming finals, and writing my major portfolio essay, I am instead updating my blog.  Which is okay, I feel, as I haven’t updated in a while.

It feels like summer outside, which is not fun.  The summerness is mocking my struggling non-summer mentality required for my work.  It’s not fair (and I think you’re really mean/I think you’re really mean….a mini title riddle).

I finished ‘Letters to a Young Poet.’  I underlined a lot of passages, but it’s really worth reading the whole thing (it’s not even that long).  I am now reading a collection of short stories called ‘Late Victorian Gothic Tales.’  I read the first one, ‘Dionea’ by Vernon Lee.  I have to say.  It’s really weird.  I also have my disagreements with the epistolary format; not my thing.  Vernon Lee herself is kinda weird looking too (yeah, herself, it’s a pen name for Violet Paget).  I think it’s her expression though:

I also have some outfit posts, from several days ago.

Picture 1

Tori helped me finagle these even though it was raining :) I got to use my favourite umbrella though!

umbrella, Top Shop | shirt, Primark | trousers, Gap | high tops, Converse | blazer, Korean wholesale market

Speaking of Tori, this is the dress she stole.


dress, Urban Outfitters | DIY blazer, altered from a thrift shop for my Snape Halloween costume | purple tights, Hue | leg warmers, Primark | hobbit boots, Urban Outfitters | necklace, Aldo Accessories

And finally, my AP Lit oufit (slash self-timer success at last!):



blazer, Korean wholesale market (yeah I wear it a lot) | my new favourite Great Gatsby tee (that NO ONE noticed), Urban Outfitters | striped shirt, J. Crew | skirt, I don’t know, it was a hand-me-down from my younger (but not littler) sister | purpleish tights, Urban Outfitters | yellow boots, Dr Marten | Shakespeare buttons, the Globe Theatre, Oxford Creation Shakespeare Company, and that bookstore in New Haven

You know what I really feel like right now for some reason?

Picture 1

This picture also makes me smile :)

Picture 2

Edit: Yes, a new theme.  The old one kept cutting off my pictures.  It took forever to finally get a picture to fit in the custom header.  Oh well!


3 thoughts on “thin love ain’t love at all

  1. Love your outfits, trendy and electic! I should be too, but I’m getting a bit side tracked. hehe :p

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