ne te quaesiveris extra

I am busy studying for APs and such, but in the midst of this craziness, I am enjoying a new book.  Shady gave it to me for Christmas (and today is her birthday.  Yay!).

Letters to a Young Poet, Rainer Maria Rilke.  Sadly this is the largest image I can find.  I have been reading a couple of letters every day and I have so many underlined quotations, which I will eventually type up and share.  (by the way, the title riddle is actually not from this book.  ooh tricky…)

Since I do not have the book with me right now (it’s upstairs), I’ll leave you with some quotations from other authors on writing and reading.

Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey:

The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.

Neil Gaiman, introduction to Smoke and Mirrors:

Stories are, in one way or another, mirrors.  We use them to explain to ourselves how the world works or how it doesn’t work.  Like mirrors, stories prepare us for the day to come.  They distract us from the things in the darkness.

Stephen King, On Writing:

Writing is not life, but I think that sometimes it can be a way back to life.

Let me know if there are some other quotations that you admire; I have a ton more as well.

Style diary for yesterday:


necklace, Delias | white shirt, LF | purple shirt, Anthropologie | skirt, Urban Outfitters | belt, Gap | tights, Hue | boots, Top Shop


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