over three hundred words for love

Yesterday I took some pictures of my two puppies, Logan and Albert.  Logan is the family dog; she is a cocachon (cocker + bichon).  I got Albert in London at Harrods (I referred to him in a previous post).

Logan is weird.  She is very clever, neurotic, and talented.  I think she is a model because she is skinny and tall (she has strangely long legs).  She also sings and plays soccer.  But actually.

p5010123Logan thinks that she is a person.  She sits on the couch.  But she is always makes sure that someone is in her vision (usually my mom, whom she follows everywhere).

p5010124She is very protective of her toys.  I don’t know what this toy is supposed to be…a monster hedgehog?  Her favourites are her elephants, Yeah-Yeah and Yes-Yes.  I don’t have pictures of them today though…

p50101251Here is Logan hiding out in the dining room.  She always looks straight at the camera.  Hm.

This is my favourite puppy, Albert.  He is wearing a lovely black hat that used to belong to my Thanksgiving turkey stuffed animal before it fell off.  So Albert’s borrowing it.



Here is a style diary update.  I’ll be wearing lotsa blazers this week to submit to to the weardrobe contest :)


hat, Accesorize |  tee, Harry Potter Alliance| skirt, Urban Outfitters | cardigan, Macy’s | wellies, Hootenanny | skirt, Forever 21

The socks and belt are from my 3rd grade school dress code.  And the necklace is made from the zipper on my 3rd grade Harry Potter lunchbox.  I feel little.


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