loose in a most peculiar dream

When I’m feeling kinda stressed, fashion is a good way to distract myself fromt the world (To those of you who remember a previous post of mine – I’m still full from dinner, so a cookie might not be a good idea.).  Where do I get my inspiration?  A lot comes from magazines and catalogues (I pull out pages I like and wallpaper my closet with a collage of favourites), and fashion blogs and sites (check out my favourites in the links section).  But a lot of inspiration comes from fictional characters.  Here are some:

step1Alice in Wonderland.  I love the cutesy Victorian style.  Puffy sleeves and round skirts, hair ribbons…

Mrs Lovett, from Sweeney Todd.  Another Victorian favourite, with classic lace and a great combination of dark shades and bursts of red (like…blood!).  I love her boots and tights too, even though you can’t really see them in the film.

GOSSIP GIRLJenny Humphrey, Gossip Girl.  She is the queen of babydoll dresses, and makes me want to go to a school with uniform, just to add the edgy crionoline trim to the skirt.  I really want the plot to go back to Jenny as a designer.  It was so fun to see what she came up with!

music-lyrics-movie-05Sophie Fisher, Music and Lyrics.  I love her slouchy chic style and I want her closet.  Everything looks so comfy!



Lyra, The Golden Compass.  I have to post two pictures here because while I was searching for examples of her awesome knitwear, I came across another picture of some amazingly classy white boots.  With a lovely view of Oxford in the background!  So I had to include it.

fragonard_swing_lThe Swing, Jean Honore Fragonard.  It’s so fluffy and ethereal!  Now this was in an AP Euro slideshow, horribly reminding me by association that I have to get back to work with studying and all.  So I’ll make this the last picture of the day and leave you with a style diary update from yesterday (was home sick today):


headband, Free People; clock necklace, Urban Outfitters (awesome birthday gift from shady); red shirt, boots, Jasmine Sola; tan shirt, Top Shop; skirt, Tommy Hilfiger; waistcoat, New Look; blazer, Korean wholesale market ($10.  I’m so proud.); tights, Hue


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