harry potter makes me happy

I came across this article on Deathly Hallows filming in London.  I saw the ‘new picture’ headline on HPANA and thought ‘oh this must be a new one from Half-Blood Prince…’ but no.  Deathly Hallows.  Already?!  Yes, Already.  It’s scary.

It’s been a while since the last film.  There has been a book release since the last film release!  There have actually been two book releases (including Beedle the Bard) and that Waterstones story card thing.  So I kind of forget that there are still films to be released.  And now, all of a sudden, they’re filming Deathly Hallows.  The thought of the trio filming in London is so exciting to me.  London has this ambiance that is unique to anywhere else I have been.  It is so classy with its old gothicness (stuff you don’t really see in the States, do you?) and yet so spunky and alive.  I love small countries; it seems that London is the It-Town.  I mean, yes, the US has New York, but also LA and Boston and Chicago and DC…London is London and I love London.

I think my first real impression of London was through Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (by the way, just a thought, it would be really cool if an official American copy called ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ were released.  Just saying.  Scholastic is so lame for changing the title and I feel very little inside when i refer to it by its American title.  But I also feel a bit pretentious when I refer to it as ‘Philosopher’s’ so please just do me a favour.  Ha.  Unintentional, I promise.).  The bridge from the Dursleys’ to Muggle London to Diagon Alley was just so magical (well, duh, right?).  But the thought that there was magic hidden in that city made it special for me.

The first time I was in London was 20 July, 2007, the day before ‘Deathly Hallows’ came out.  I spent the morning being all bookish with my bookish friends from the fabulous Literature and the Fantastic class I was taking in Oxford.  When we had some free time, my friends and I did not shop at Covent Garden like the practically everyone else.  No, we ran around looking for Charing Cross Road because that’s where the Leaky Cauldron’s supposed to be.  We got kinda lost.  In retrospect, we probably should have just stayed at Covent Garden.  But it was actually fun.  We went to King’s Cross too.  Wow.

I had meant for this to be a brief post with a shared image, but I seem to have rambled on.  London does that too me.  So while I’m at it, I might as well list of a coupla random things about London:

  • I love the windy backstreets and the signs
  • I love minding the gap
  • and the show posters by the escalators down to the Tube
  • I love the voice that says ‘the Piccadily Line’
  • I love the word ‘Piccadily’
  • I love the free London Paper every day
  • I had ‘LDN’ by Lily Allen stuck in my head all the time
  • I wish I could be ridin through the city on my bike all day
  • I will do that one day, I promise you
  • I love Harrod’s and want to spend more time there.  I got a puppy from Harrods called Albert.  I should post a picture of him.
  • Prince Albert was married to Queen Victoria.
  • In a previous life I was Queen Victoria’s daughter, Alexandrina
  • In the life before that, I’m pretty sure I was a Shakespearean actor at the original Globe, but I don’t know who exactly
  • I love the Globe
  • and Shakespeare in general
  • I love the dodgy little chocolate stick things that come with ice cream at the ice cream trucks
  • I love using the word ‘dodgy’
  • (of course)
  • I love the Houses of Parliament and the clock tower
  • I want to go back to the Tower of London now that I’ve read Richard III
  • I love the Thames and the Millenium Bridge
  • It reminds me of Love Actually, which I also love, especially the scene with Liam Neeson and Sam on the bench when he says ‘worse than the total agony of being in love?!’ :)
  • I love Bella Italia and Pizza Express
  • I love the awesome Odeon cinema and think that all cinemas should be as classy.  And that we should call them ‘cinemas’ more and ‘movie theatres’ less.
  • I find it incredibly ironic that my favourite restaurant, Hard Rock Cafe, is technically British because the original is in London, but actually American because the food is American…
  • I love my Hard Rock London shirt; it is arguably my favourite shirt
  • Two different Hard Rock staffers complimented my Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt when I was there, so I felt especially cool
  • I love the palaces and the gardens
  • I love the game Monarchy.  It’s this card game with the Monarchs and it is awesome.  I’ll teach you if you ask me to.
  • I love Blackwells.  You have no idea.
  • I miss Blackwells.  A lot.
  • I love the various bridges.
  • I want to go to Fleet Street, but actually.  Even if I’ll be disappointed.
  • Top Shop.  I don’t need to say anything more (My bag says it all.  Again, I’ll post a photo.)
  • I love tea and scones.
  • I love the Lush and B at Covent Garden
  • And the Bens cookies (and milkshakes.  Good milkshakes.)
  • I love that Oxford is just a bus ride away.  But let’s not get into Oxford quite yet; I’ll be up all night.
  • I love the feeling of Harry Potter.  Oh!  Right!  Harry Potter!  That’s where this all started.  Wow okay.

Alright then, here’s the photo, which was going to be the entire post and now…isn’t.  Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “harry potter makes me happy

  1. I didn’t know you went to Charing Cross Road that day! Cool!
    I’ve seen so many stills of that day of filming- I think the trio look really funny in this one. :)
    What do you think about Hermione’s dress?

  2. Yep :) We didn’t actually find it though.
    They do look funny! Ron and Harry are so…Ron and Harry. Harry looks really old fashioned.
    I love love love the dress! She looks gorgeous :)
    (And the bag too!)

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