i figured if i was going to make the world i better place i would do it with cookies

Why cookies?  This is the clip that inspired me to bake.  The actual baking did not start until I returned from Oxford Prep and missed my daily Ben’s.  At that point I was determined to make Ben’s-worthy cookies (I have yet to succeed and don’t think that this is in fact possible).  I would bake a new batch of cookies every Sunday morning.  I later changed my routine to Friday evenings to take a tin of cookies to the kids I tutor in Boston (I have now forced upon them the rule that they have to all complete their homework in order to get cookies).  I don’t have time to bake every Friday night, unfortunately, but I do make the occasional batch (triple chocolate is my favourite to make, with oatmeal as a close second) when I need a break and some freshly baked cookies (and dough).

Here is the clip.  It’s from ‘Stranger Than Fiction,’ which is one of my favourite films.


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