Record Store Day

I was very excited to be in Boston for Record Store Day this past Saturday.  Newbury Comics was certainly the place to be.  Lots of great sales.  Lots of free stuff (including another exclusive pint glasses to add to my quickly-growing collection.  They’re good quality too.  Seriously, I’ll never have to buy cups ever.).

Here is what I bought:

The Best of the Proclaimers

The Best of the Proclaimers (used CD).  My new obsession with ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ was the reason I was looking forward to going to Newbury Comics in the first place (because the obsession started about a week ago, but I refuse to buy single songs on iTunes.  It’s just so impersonal.  I still love CDs and vinyls).  Extremely Scottish.  I love  it.

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend (vinyl).  They’re good.  I’m glad I got it on vinyl too, because they have a a vinyl-appropriate sound, in an indie alt-rock kind of way.  And I like chandaliers.


False Face Society (vinyl).  Okay.  This is the real story of the day.  I bought this vinyl, having never heard of this group.  I bought it for three reasons: 1. It comes with a free mp3, which is always a plus.  2. The record company is called Mexican Summer.  I like Mexico.  I like summer.  3. The album art looks cool.

When I was looking for this picture online, I came across this description:

The record is capped off with a stunning cover of “Rainbow,” originally by Boris and Michio Kurihara, and given a treatment no one expected – hand drums and rain stick pounding against a serious groove, and superb fuzz-wah damage.

Let me highlight a bit of that for you:

no one expected



Seriously.  Some of the weirdest noises I’ve ever heard.  Yes, noises.  It’s not music.  No vocals.  No recognizable conventional instruments, except maybe drums, maybe?  It’s so weird.  weird weird weird.

Other random notes: As I write this, I am listening to my recomended tracks on and I have discovered that I like Cobra Starship.  I am also supposed to call my mom with a Bertucci’s take out order.  Completely at a loss to choose something, I printed out the pdf of the menu and am narrowing down my choices one by one.  I’m very thorough about my dinner, okay?


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